They say stories sell, so we thought we’d put it to the test and share ours with you.bulb_img

In a nutshell, we believe in making things happen while breaking with the traditional way of doing business.

This is one of the core motivations behind our company.

It all started with our company founder, Juha Junttila, and his experience working for over 10 years in the international market, in business development positions across Europe, where he created new revenue from different markets.

Juha realised that the traditional consulting approach of international business development worked very slowly towards benefitting organisations, as most companies have just one individual responsible for generating international business and collaborating with distributors, retailers and end customers.

It has been working well for many organisations for decades, however Juha believes in providing a faster, more effective and efficient way to do business with the use of 21st Century technology and a great international expansion plan.

It was due to our extreme passion for business development and courage that we decided to take this idea and turn it into reality. We came to an agreement with our first client to help them expand and execute their international business development strategy within the first six months.

Since then Winno Solutions has helped many start-up companies, SMEs and national brands grow and generate revenue streams from European markets.


It’s quite simple with no scary terminology.

Our mission is “to deliver success for our clients in revenue”.
Our main value is to maximize return on investment.


Our company name comes from the key principle no-win-no-fee, obligating our promise to deliver success in revenue format.
We achieve this goal by the efforts we put in together as a team of experienced strategists, thinkers and doers.

Our main objective is to help kick-start our clients’ product or service to a market they have never experienced before, opening new doors and creating new revenue streams for them. We come up with measurable, tangible and effective plans, put them into deliverable actions and deliver results with a proven track record of success stories from our clients.


The beginning of Winno Solutions was a challenge but building the business became easier with the support of our team.
Every member of our team can be proud of our achievements since the start:

Year 2013 Review:

  • In 2013 we generated over £1million in sales from the United Kingdom.
  • We delivered over 15 Biomass Commercial Plants to the United Kingdom.
  • We launched 10 Scandinavian start-ups and SME’s.
  • Our security client case study has been featured on the BBC News.

Year 2014 Review:

  • New office in Newbury.
  • Team size has grown to 7 employees.
  • We’re serving our clients in UK, Finnish, German and French markets.
  • New revenue earned from UK markets tops £1.5million.
  • Great success in Renewable Energy markets for our clients.

Our services


Everyone needs a kick start, right?

So we thought we would give our clients a small taste of our “big work”.
This is where we test the waters, get our hands dirty and do the hard leg work that most of you hate doing.
But, we believe in the simple things in life and staying humble. We have no shame because we believe when there is no pain, there is no gain.

So what can we do when your company or product is alien to the market?
We are involved in the following aspects for market-entry business development for our clients:


Ways that we are making things happen, leading to lucrative cooperation between our clients and the partners we find for them:

  1. Generating new business opportunities
  2. Making lists of the potential partners and key clients
  3. Prospecting (telephone, email, social outreach)
  4. Arrange web/video meetings with our clients’ management team
  5. Organising face-to-face meetings in the UK
  6. Frequent reporting of activities giving vital market information
  7. Usually we leave the process after the first secured order. Partnerships and accounts will then become our clients’ responsibility.


We follow different aspects of market entry into business development for our clients.
So what can we do when your company or product is alien to the market?


  1. First we introduce our clients to different markets
  2. We help our clients to find the right partners
  3. Working together with our clients we close the first deal with them
  4. After the first delivery we take care of the partner network
  5. We increase sales for our partners’ network and keep the ecosystem running



We believe that talent is in the eye of the recruiter.


Juha Junttila
CEO, Entrepreneur

Contact: +44 1183 150 181

Specialities: New Business Development, Achieving new revenue from new accounts, Bringing turnover from new markets, closing projects.

Furqan Butt
Marketing, Business Development Manager

Contact: +44 1183 150 187

Specialities: Market Research, Business Development, Bringing new revenues from new reseller partners.

2014-12-10 08.27.07-1

Alice Healey
Junior Business Development

Contact: +44 7554 553493

Specialties: New Business entries, Software clients and Retail.

Nizar Bouzidi
Business Development Manager, UK and France


Contact France: ‎+33 975 18 34 53
Contact UK: +44 7554 554176

Specialities: Renewable Energy, Biomass and Large-scale Energy projects


Sabine Wild
Business Development Manager, Germany

Contact: +44 7557 127598

Specialities: German-speaking markets, ICT and Industrial clients


Tuija Junttila

Contact: +44 7776 190921

Specialities: Finance, Administration, Office Operations